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I'm Hanha!

An author, speaker, bible teacher, and encourager absolutely crazy about Jesus and dedicated to helping you conquer fear and self-doubt so that you can confidently believe who God has called you to be.

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If you’re looking for practical resources to apply in your everyday life, these devotional books will help you cultivate intimacy with God and develop further self-awareness all at the same time.

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Wow, I’m starting to think that New Year’s is one of my favorite holidays. I mean, there’s nothing like a fresh start! (The haters will say that you take everything that you didn’t deal with last year into the new year with you lol.) But there’s something about a new beginning. It’s empowering! For me, […]

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We’ve alI seen the quote, “Today, I choose joy.” But can we be honest for a second? Sometimes, choosing joy is hard and there are moments when we don’t always want to do it. So how do you choose joy? The truth is you have to fight for it. Here’s how. 1. Recognize the Warfare […]

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Anyone that knows me knows that I LOVE daily confessions, but something I’ve learned over time is confessing the Word is only as powerful as meditating on it. So how do we go from hearing the Word to truly believing what it says? Or really seeing transformational change in our lives? If you’re just starting […]

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